5 įkvepiantys instagramo interjero dizaino puslapiai

Ieškoti idėjų savo namų interjerui galima įvairiausiose vietose. Įkvėpimo šaltiniu gali tapti gamta, menas, mada ir pan. Visgi dažniausiai dizaino sprendimų ieškome interneto platybėse. Siūlome susipažinti su 5 įkvepiančiomis instagramo paskyromis.

Homeyohmy. Klasikinio juodos ir baltos spalvų derinio gerbėjai gali pasigrožėti nuostabia Amy Kim estetika. Moteris šį nepretenzingą derinį sugeba perkelti į aukštą stilingumo lygmenį. Jos instagramo paskyroje elegantiški siluetai yra derinami su moderniais raštais ir taip yra sukuriama stilinga ir iš mados neišeinanti estetika.

Sun.soul.style. Interjero dizainerės Christina Higham instagramo puslapis dvelkia charakteringumu ir išskirtiniu stiliaus pajautimu. Moteris puikiai geba derinti niekada iš mados neišeinančius objektus su netikėtais akcentais.

Fiona_michelon_stylist. Ieškantiems modernaus stiliaus ir ryškių detalių turėtų patikti Fiona Michelon instagramo puslapis. Interjero dekoratorė ir stilistė pateikia reikiamą dozę interjero dizaino motyvacijos.

Flashback to that time I got to play with this epic wallpaper from @rebelwalls_australia and board from @rileybalsasurfboards 🙌🏼 Styling by me, shot by @armfinlayson

A post shared by Fiona Michelon (@fiona_michelon_stylist) on May 18, 2018 at 3:57pm PDT

Citysage. Verslininkės Anne Sage instagramo paskyra yra ypatinga tuo, kad ji estetiškai yra be galo patraukli. Čia įkvėpimo gali rasti kiekvienas. Anna Sage pateikia gausybę inspiruojančių fotografijų su individualių namų bei viešų objektų interjerais.

Um, can we talk about the wallpaper we used in the studio makeover that @teamwoodnote + I did for her sis @aprettycoolgirl?! As soon as I saw this dreamy abstract ombré pattern from @dropitmod, I knew we had to use it. Up til that point, the project was very much in the ‘inspiration’ phase, but finding this wallpaper gave me the foundation for all our other design choices. Everything from the palette to the furniture silhouettes to the overall playful, irreverent mood of the space came together so quickly once we decided that YES, we absolutely HAD to have this on the walls! #aprettycoolspace . . . . #dspattern #dscolor #sodomino #mydomaine #myoklstyle #studiodimore #abmlifeiscolorful #studiodiylovespink #ihavethisthingwithpink #mymitzi #mywestelm #dropitmodern

A post shared by Anne Sage (@citysage) on Jul 10, 2018 at 1:19pm PDT

Patticakewagner. Patti Wagner yra labai sėkminga interjerų permodeliuotoja. Jos stilius pasižymi išskirtiniu dėmesiu tekstūroms bei detalėms.

Ava’s teacher said she’s expressed wanting to be a designer, like mom. Can’t even tell you how that made me feel 🤗. I wanted to take a min to talk about the design profession. I saw the talented @leannefordinteriors did a great post on helping others get into interior design and read conversations in the comments distinguishing interior design vs. interior decorating. Both are great paths but there’s sensitivity between the two titles. Some interior designers dislike others calling themselves “interior designers” without the accredited education/licensing, which in some state is required and it’s confusing since other states don’t and anyone who practices it can call themselves that. I have a BFA in interior design from Virginia Commonwealth University. I didn’t take the NCIDQ exam but respect those who did. My career, has mostly been in product design. I don’t have a degree in graphic, industrial, furniture, surface or textile design but have touched all aspects of those design fields through great mentors and experience. The more that I’m out of school, the more I feel like our experience is as important, if not more than the education. Brian has no educational background in ID, architecture or construction management but has extensive knowledge in building codes, HVAC, electrical, etc. because of experience. This in no way dismisses education. I just don’t care for the attitude that a degree/license makes one a better designer. To me, it’s experience. Some of my favorite interiors ppl don’t have a degree in ID or are licensed but do amazing work! I imagine they work with licensed architects to create blueprints to pull permits depending on scope of project, like we do for our multi-family properties. Well this is a long post but thought I’d put it out there to encourage others that if you’re passionate about something, don’t let lack of education hinder you from pursuing it. #1927wagnertudor . . . . . . . . #sodomino #livingroom #apartmenttherapy #fixerupperstyle #interiordesign #myoklstyle #GGatHome #InMyDomaine #twincities #minnstagramers #BHGhome #theeverygirl #designsponge #abmathome #MyPinterest #targetstyle #lcdotcomloves #interior4all #mySMPhome

A post shared by Patti (@patticakewagner) on May 31, 2018 at 5:11pm PDT

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